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Back to School Tips

The back-to-school season can arouse dread in parents and children alike. It marks the end of care free summer days, where children are able to stay up late and sleep in, and the beginning of stressful mornings trying to get back into routines. This year, let’s try something different by getting ahead of the game, so we can actually enjoy the start of school and make it a healthy one too. To help you plan, we’ve listed some great back to school tips. So sit back and enjoy, as you realize that a healthy and anxiety-free school year is on its way!

Focus on Your Child’s Nutrition

· Continue introducing new foods, be a role model for a healthy diet, & don’t use food

as a reward (we’re talking about you M&M’s and lollipops!). Reward good behavior

with a book, new outfit, family outing, etc.

· Primary Colors – Load your child’s lunchbox with a colorful mix of fruits and

vegetables. Apples, pears, berries, baby carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, cherry

tomatoes, and edamame are easy to pack and fun to eat.

· Fluid Motion – Drinking plenty of fluids helps keep your active child healthy and

hydrated, but not all drinks are created equal. According to the American Academy of

Pediatrics, children who drink one can of soda a day can increase their risk of obesity

by 60%! Offer water instead, spice things up by adding fruit, herbs or vegetables to

their water bottle.

· Schedule their Nutrition and Chiropractic appointment now. This way they are on a

program and supplements that will help support their immune system. We all know

that once school starts, cough and cold season is right behind it.

Make Sleep a Priority

· For a happier transition back to school, don’t wait until the night before school starts

to get back into “school time” sleep routines that might have been more relaxed

during summer break. Try setting bed and wake-up times a few weeks before school

starts and gradually adjusting them to be earlier as the first day approaches.

· Children and adults lose sleep due to overuse of digital devices. So put away those

electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime. Instead, encourage children to

read a book before bedtime.

· Sleep is equally as important as diet and exercise. Most children need 8-10 hours of

sleep each night. Anything less is setting them up for failure at school.


· Don’t assume that your child is getting enough physical activity at school, as most

schools have cut their Physical Education to just once a week or worse, non-existent.

· Make sure your child is getting to run around and burn off energy for at least an hour

a day. If you don’t have time for a full hour, try short 15 minute bursts of physical


· Bond with your children while getting the whole family some exercise. Plan a family

bike ride, walk, or other exercise on the weekends or on the evenings.


· Encourage your child to talk about any fears or anxiety they may be feeling about

school starting back up. Remind them that they always have a large support system

between their family and school administration.

· Talk with your child about bullying and help them with tools to cope. Remind them

that there is an open door for communication at home and with their guidance


General Healthy Habits

· Teach your child to rub their hands for at least 20 seconds (or the duration of the ABC

Song that’s more fun anyways) with soap and warm water before eating, after using

the bathroom, and after outside playtime.

· Teach your child to cough and sneeze into a tissue or the inside of their elbow to keep

germs from spreading to others.

· Carrying a backpack shouldn’t be a workout for your child. Pack the backpack as

lightly as possible, with heavier items in the center compartment. The backpack load

should never be more than 10-20% of their body weight. Chiropractic is also a great

reliever for their little bodies. Remember, a healthy spine mean healthy kids!

Getting Sick

· If your child does get sick, make Lakeland Natural Health your first stop. We will help

to support their immune system in fighting of the virus and rebuilding healthy cells.

· Make sure they get plenty of rest and fluids

· If a child is running a fever higher than 100 degrees or is vomiting, you need to keep

them home until they are free of those symptoms for 24 hours. If your child is just

feeling a little under the weather, make sure they have taken their supplements and

inform the school nurse and teacher so they can monitor your child.

· If the need arises for an antibiotic due to a bacterial infection, be sure to make an

appointment with Lakeland Natural Health for immune support and give your child

whole fat, plain yogurt to help build the good bacteria back up in their stomachs.

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