I enjoyed working with Dr. Bertelmann. Her support and motivation really helped me pay closer attention to what I was giving my body. What I liked th most was the nutritional response testing and having the ability to test myself on specific foods and know for sure if my body liked them or not. It's actually very fascinating that your body can be tested that way and it's accuracy.
- Tiffany M.

Dr. Bertelmann is truly amazing. After being sick for over a year and receiving no answers from my other doctors I went to see her. I am happy to say that it's been 5 months today and I feel amazing. Can't thank her enough.
- Nerissa G.

Dr. Bertelmann is amazing! Her nutrition response testing and the supplements really work, and have helped our family in the 7 or so weeks since we began the program. Thanks, Lakeland Natural Health!
- Lanee T.

Dr Bertelmann is amazing! She truly cares for her patients! Through nutrition and chiropractic she was able to restore my health. Highly recommend her!!!
- Esther G.

I have seen Dr Bertelmann only for the initial evaluation and have only been on the supplements that she has recommended five days. All I can say is her nutritional response testing and the supplement she uses is a huge answer to prayer. To some NRT may seem really odd but I already had enough knowledge to be able to trust the system. I had lost all hope after being really sick basically since 1988. Lyme disease finally in 2011 was the CDC positive diagnosis. With immune system now low and depression (symptom of pain and infection) and doctors no longer really willing to give antibiotics, I didn't know what to do, but God led me to Lakeland Natural. At first there was a healing crisis but I knew to push through. I knew what to do. I now see Improvement everyday, depression gone, infection in sinus getting better and energy up....and I can't wait to see what will happen next...Dr Bertelmann is so patient with me and listens. She encourages frequent communication and is quickly responsive. How refreshing!
- Carol G.

What gift it was to find Lakeland natural health! The staff is friendly, Dr Bertelmann truly listens to you and is willing to answer any question you may have. Now be prepared to do your homework if your going to do the nutrition response you have to fill out a daily food log.. but I have to say I struggled with stomach issues, anxiety and panic attacks, after having my last child and ever since we figured out what supplements would help me I have not had a panic attack and anxiety is almost completely gone.. and Ive figures out which foods cause issues for me. I went to my conventional dr before but they just wanted to put me on a prescription for the rest of my life for my stomach issues and put me on birth control to resolve my hormone imbalance that was probably causing anxiety/panic. I didn’t want to do either and I wanted answers on how to correct my issues w/o a prescription, conventional Dr would not listen and did not care to explain what I could do naturally.
Thank you Dr. Bertelmann for doing what a conventional Dr. can’t do. I can finally live life again w/o constant anxiety and panic.
- Tiffany Q.

I had numerous test and procedures done by medical doctors to find and treat my back, neck, foot and side pain with few results. I am grateful a friend referred me to Dr. Bertelmann. I have seen a reduction in pain and feel so much better after only a few visits. Looking forward to seeing more improvements in the future.
- Barb D.

Dr. Bertelmann is very knowledgeable in her practice, as well as compassionate. She brings hope to a culture that is unknowingly destroying itself through incorrect health habits. I’m grateful a friend referred me to help correct a chronic health situation through a “new way” of physical healing.
- Deborah S.

I am absolutely thankful for being introduced to Lakeland Natural Health. The staff is amazing. So much learned takes place with each visit. Highly recommended! Thanks Lakeland Natural Health!
- Jae A.

Amazing place with amazing people. It’s such a wonderful place. I am so, happy I found this office. It has helped me so much.
- Tisha O.

Dr.bertrlmann is amazing! I 100% recommend her services if you are tired of traditional medicine or drs that could care less about your actual health. Long story short I had an iud (birth control device) make me incredibly ill. The symptoms experienced were severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, and lack of energy, and toward the end before the device was finally removed I was experiencing abdominal cramping. Two obgyns told me this device was not the reason for my issues (one of which was very rude and insulting). I am a 23 year old woman who was naturally waking up at 5am to work out and then work two jobs and then have a social life, to then having to stop going to the gym because I had no energy and I was so nauseous and dizzy daily that I was afraid to pass out at the gym. Also let me mention I am not on any medication and just a pretty healthy person when it comes to diet, vitamins and exercise. Since having the device removed and seeing dr.b my symptoms have disappeared, the food allergies I previously had (gluten and dairy) are gone and my periods are regular (which they never have been) and they are only 3-4 days long where as they were previously 7 entire days. I’m thrilled with my improvements
- Brittany C.

This is the best thing that i have done to make the leap to eating better and taking care of our body! And the result of the help from Dr B. feel like a young kid again.Thank you Dr B & Michelle for your great service and going the next step to make sure you are taken care of .You make Corina and I feel like family.
- Lee W.

My daughter was having stomach problems. At the same time I was having difficulty focusing & having brain fog. We had spent a significant sum on vitamins from various sources to combat our issues with little success. Dr. Bertelmann helped us to know precisely what we needed and gently explained what was best to eat. We followed her advice, took the proper supplements, changed our diet slowly at first, then did a diet overhaul. We are now feeling & looking better than ever. I firmly believe without Dr. Bertelmann’s expert help, we may never have gotten on the path to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Bertelmann.
- Smerdell S.

I walked into Lakeland Natural Health a broken person. I was 15lbs higher than I needed to be; menopause symptoms were ruining my life; sleep was sporadic; back and neck killing me and a lot more. With Dr. Bertelmann's help, I feel completely different now. I forgot how great it feels to have NO health issues! She's amazingly kind and truly listens. But more than that, she is a wealth of health information based on nutrition and chiropractic, not pharmaceuticals. Words fail to describe how thankful I am that my friend recommended her to me. It's truly been life changing.
- Kim W.