If you are looking to become a patient with Lakeland Natural Health for Nutrition Response Testing®, start today by calling our office at 863-337-5013. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

There are just a few things to go over before your Initial Appointment:

  1. The initial visit is approximately 1.5 hours long. Please plan your visit accordingly to allow for this time frame.
  2. When you arrive the day of your appointment, you will be given the intake forms to fill out in the office. Please make sure to bring in a list of any current medications or supplements that you are taking.
  3. You will be taken into the Health Express room to have a Heart Rate Variability Test which can help determine your current health status.
  4. We will be assessing your weight and body fat at the time of the Health Express as well.
  5. You will meet with Dr. Bertelmann where she will do an extensive health history review.
  6. Bertelmann will perform a Nutrition Response Testing® Evaluation to assess your current health status.
  7. The front desk will then schedule you to come back in at your earliest convenience for the Report of findings.

Report of Findings Visit

The Report of Findings visit is approximately 45 minutes long. At this appointment, you will be given a report that outlines the findings from your initial visit, the specialized plan laid out for you and our program.

Dr. Bertelmann will review your report, what was found, and the details of your personalized nutrition program. You will be given ample time to ask any questions that you may have.

If you decide to start your program with us after your Report of Findings, we will then proceed with your first treatment visit and charges. You will be dosed on your supplements and given your New Patient Packet which includes food logs, pertinent information, and homework.

Follow-up Nutrition Visits

Your program will be designed specifically for you. The follow-up visits are approximately 10-15 minutes long. A Nutrition Response Testing® Evaluation and dosing of supplements will happen at each visit. Your food logs will always be reviewed, with new obtainable goals being set at each visit.