Covid-19; What Can We Do?

March22, 2020

Today is the fourth day of spring…yea!!! Experts say sunlight and heat limit growth and longevity of virus. This does not mean that we can give up our diligence, we must keep to the basics. 1. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (sing the alphabet song or use the 1 one thousand count) 10+ times a day 2. Cover your cough or sneeze. Right now it is pollen season and there are people that are fighting allergies, this does not excuse uncovered coughing or sneezing 3. Do your part with social distancing. Stay home when possible and limit your exposure to public places.

In the media they have talked about a pharmaceutical that may help, Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil). It is a quinoline medicine used historically to treat malaria and or prevent malaria. Malaria is a parasitic infection that humans obtain from the bite of a mosquito. All pharmaceutical medication have potential side effects and therefore there are benefits and risks associated with any prescription medication.

OK now what ….. The immune system is our in-born defense against immune challenges and if we are prepared to take care of it… it will take care of us. Here is what I’m doing for myself, my family and patients. These are recommendations and are NOT guaranteed to prevent anyone from obtaining the COVID-19 virus.

As you know, whole food supplements we use in our office, not synthetic or single source items like ascorbic acid as vitamin C and these are my recommendations. If you can’t or won’t eat the food associated with these nutrients then take a whole food supplement.

Eat It

o Organic Citrus like Oranges o Organic Vitamin A containing Vegetables: Carrots, Mustard Greens, Spinach, Sweet

Potatoes o Grass fed, free range or wild caught protein sources – meat, poultry, fish Butter,

Avocados, Nuts/Seeds o Raw fruit and vegetables Take It o Cataplex C (whole food vitamin C), Cataplex A (whole food vitamin A), Perfect Aminos

(Amino Acid), Tuna Omega Oil (Fatty acids), Digestive Enzymes

Do It o Spend 10 minutes in the sun without sunscreen Take It o Cataplex D (whole food vitamin D)

This might be the reality check we all need to start believing that we have control and we can be proactive in obtaining and maintaining our health including but not limited to your immune system. Start TODAY!!! Add these food items to your diet or call the office to discuss getting a whole food supplement to fill in your dietary requirements. 863-337-5013

More to come

Dr. Nancy Bertelmann

Pharm D, DC

Lakeland Natural Health


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