Who’s in charge here?

Who’s In Charge here? (Notes on healthy living)

Our practice is built upon the premise of allowing the body to heal naturally by refining our lifestyle and diet towards better choices and filling in any nutritional blanks with whole food supplementation. It is truly amazing how well the body can respond when given the proper nutrition AND refraining from the bad choices. About the only time that we see little or no improvement is when the patient cannot, or will not make any meaningful changes to their lifestyle. A borrowed expression states it perfectly… Change Nothing, Nothing Changes.

Consider that for the vast majority of us, health is our birthright and that most of our health ailments are due to poor choices of one type or another. The big problem here is that health issues are cumulative and will inevitably progress until something breaks. Then pharmaceuticals are dispensed that seem to cure the problem but we all know that this is just symptom relief. The underlying issue is still there and getting worse until it is completely broken.

So rather than going down that path, would it make more sense to make better choices and give nature a chance to make things right? There is no reason why most of us can’t be healthy and active well into our 80’s, 90’s and beyond. So the question is; who’s in charge here? Your better self who knows how to live healthy or that little voice in your head that says “it’s OK; smoke that cigarette, drink another beer, eat another fast food meal”? We all know that the voice goes away after the deed, so why don’t we just give it the boot before the deed? You’ll feel better for it and your body will thank you with the gift of better health.

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